Linen Hire for Event Agencies and Caterers

Event Agencies & Caterers

Whether an event agency or caterer, a successful event needs to be well organised and anticipate everything that will be needed. At the top of this list of needs are table linen and service linen. Tablecloths, napkins, aprons, tea towels etc. - discover the range of Easylinge linen specifically for events (seminars, weddings, trade shows, conferences etc.). Simple, elegant and high-quality, it fits perfectly in all reception spaces and suits any ambiance. With Easylinge, no more endless tasks! For a perfect service, simply hire your table linen! How to order The Easylinge platform and mobile app are there for you 24/7. Simply register and enter your details and hire dates. Forget buying, laundering and storing linen, you can hire table linen in packs or as individual items. Depending on what you need, you can also make your own packs up online and save them in your customer space for your future orders. A time-saving which makes a huge difference! For a big or small event, for immaculate linen always, table linen hire is the perfect solution. Not only is it more convenient but you also have the benefit of industrial laundry prices previously only for the hospitality trade. With no commitment or minimum order, Easylinge takes care of and supplies as much or as little table linen you need as often as you need it. Once your basket is confirmed, the linen is available at a partner collection point. Or you can have it delivered to an address of your choosing (laboratory, office, reception venue etc.). For further information and for a quotation for your specific needs, please contact Easylinge Pro.

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