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Order 24/7, contract-free and no minimum order
Free collection from our partners (24 hours) or delivery to the address of your choosing (48 hours)
Linen supplied at industrial laundry rates

How does it work?

I put together my order online

I put together my order online

I collect my linen or have it delivered to the address of my choosing

I collect my linen or have it delivered to the address of my choosing

I return my used linen or we pick it up from you

I return my used linen or we pick it up from you

The Easylinge concept

Easylinge is a hire and delivery service for high-end household linen for individuals and professionals. Designed by a team from the laundry trade, our concept aims to help your day-to-day routine in a private or commercial context. Used today in the top hotels, our household linen is a guarantee of cleanliness and optimum convenience. Our linen hire service is accessed via a website and a powerful mobile app where you can place orders simply and speedily. So you can hire your sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, bath towels, bath mats, tablecloths etc. by the item or in packs. Easylinge offers standard packs of household linen but you can also create your own packs and save them in your personal space for future orders. We also offer you a choice between collecting your linen from depots or having it delivered directly to you. You thus have a fast proximity service (delivery within 24 hours), contract-free with no minimum order, to suit daily or intermittent use.
Managing and laundering household linen as a private individual renting out holiday accommodation can quickly become a real headache. And the same is true when you're on holiday or organising a party; no need to worry about the daily grind and managing household linen. Easylinge puts an end to these chores (laundering, drying, ironing etc.) by offering linen hire to individuals. Contract-free and no minimum order, you simply order your bed linen, towels and table linen and leave the rest to us!
Holiday let professionals (concierge services, estate agents etc.), holiday cottages, guest houses - save time by hiring your household linen. Buying, maintaining, storing ... forget these chores and simplify the issue of linen for your business. How? By placing an order on our website or our app 24/7. Contract-free and no minimum order, with our service you have the benefit of industrial laundry prices and perfectly maintained linen. Bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen ... don't wait any longer: have a look at our range of linen for professionals.

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